Clif Bar Solar Power Farm

We provided a video and stills for Clif Bar to showcase their solar farm in efforts to reduce there ecological footprint.


Create a video and produce images that are intriguing and detailed.

  • Strategy

    Design Direction, Content Marketing

  • Design

    Professional Photography, Professional Videography

  • Client

    Clif Bar

01 // Project overview

Appealing visuals
for outstanding businesses

Clif Bar needed a way to showcase their outstanding solar farm for recognition. Our team provided professional grade videography and photography to ensure our client could show the world their achievement.

02 // Challenges

Flexible schedules make
it easy to get things
right the first time

Weather and its tendency to change meant our team had to be flexible and prepared when it came to the shooting schedule for accurate color grading and appealing visuals.

03 // Approach

Clear expectations of need and timeline from both our client and our team made combining drone footage (which showed the scale of the solar farm) with photography gave the client a well rounded visual presentation to showcase.

04 // Outcome

Clif Bar received recognition for the largest, private behind-the-meter solar array that also includes native plants and areas to support biodiversity.

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