2154 Eaglecrest Dr. Filer, Idaho

Our team was tasked with taking high dynamic range photos and aerial photography that showcased this luxury home listing in a way that appealed to targeted potential buyers.


Showcasing and highlighting the size and uniqueness of the home.

  • Strategy

    Content Marketing

  • Design

    Professional Photography

  • Client

    Real Estate Agent

01 // Project overview

Update listing photos with
higher quality content

Our team needed to update previously done photography for the listing. The original photos were low quality, thus affecting appeal to buyers. Our job was to update the photography with clear, high quality images showing off the homes incredible amenities. Adding in aerial photography gave the listing agent and buyer agents a clear picture of the location and property in entirety.

02 // Challenges

Location, location, location

Location. Without drone footage, the location and set up of the home proved to be difficult to accurately show it’s uniqueness and value.

03 // Approach

Our team scheduled times when the home would be empty to best capture all it’s offerings in various types of lighting. Once enough footage was captured, placing all visual aspects in a marketing package ready for the listing agent sell this magnificent home was all we had left to do.

04 // Statistics

The beautiful home sold for over asking price within one month of our team’s photography and videography upgrades.

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