Rebuild and redesign website for one of the Magic Valley’s top real estate agents

Client was overpaying for a website that wasn’t meeting their needs. Our team did a complete website rebuild that included a new design, IDX integration, CRM integration, search engine optimization, and produced appealing visual content for the client.


Completely rebuild the client’s website to make it more user friendly for the business. We also needed to provide visuals that were high quality and more engaging for their audience.

  • Strategy

    Content Marketing, Imbound Marketing, SEO, SEM, Conversational Marketing

  • Design

    Fluid Design Layout

  • Client

    Real Estate Agent

01 // Project overview

Complete rebuild
of client website

Our team worked diligently to rebuild the clients website to be user friendly and informative, with built in tools like IDX and CRM integration.

02 // Challenges

Flexible scheduling and
knowing the requirements
are key

Working around the schedule of a very successful real estate team in a historically busy market meant communication of expectations were essential. Our team also would be working within the requirements of the MLS while highlighting the clients brand.

03 // Approach

We updated the clients website with better imagery, and professional content writing in their voice to showcase to potential clients why they are the best. Our team built a template to show the customer the positive changes and new opportunities available through the updated site.

04 // Outcome

Monthly Marketing expenses decreased by over $1,000 per month and website traffic increased by 227%.

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