In the instant gratification society that’s taken over today’s world, the value of a marketing firm is undeniable. Marketing is one of those things that most people are intrigued by. What cannot be disputed is that the elevation a marketing agency brings to your brand is worth the investment. Marketing meets people’s intrigue by giving them a clear answer as to what problem is being solved and how it’s being solved. 

When a marketing firm is doing its job successfully, everything works together. The digital marketing connects to the social media services which reflects the public relations offerings in fluid way in that no matter where your customers are finding you, your message is clear and concise. The more questions your intended audience has, the more you need a marketing firm and Googling “marketing agency near me” doesn’t always guarantee the best fit for your business. Trusting those who specialize in knowing who you are, what problem you solve and how to present it to your ideal client is the best investment one can make to increase profits (and with a firm like Canyon Crest Creative, a digital marketing agency for small businesses, your intended Return on Investment is made clear from the beginning). 

A marketing agency in Twin Falls, Idaho, Canyon Crest Creative is unmatched when it comes to an all-in-house firm where every need you have in branding, media, marketing and messaging is clear and strategically placed in front of your clients. The pivots businesses have made in the last year could be here to stay, so much of our life and business is done virtually that all in house marketing is the only way to stand out. Let us tell you what we do (and you may even be surprised to find a need you didn’t know you had). 


Who you are and where you came from matters. Often times, a key part of connecting with your customers is showing them the origin of your story. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur and ready to launch but need your message clear and simplified. Or perhaps you’re established but need a fresh perspective and presentation in the fast-moving world we live in. As a brand marketing agency, we take who you are and where you’ve been, we ask the hard questions and then we simplify the message. From your logo design to your clients inbox, to your web content setting you apart from competitors, we tell your story in an unforgettable way. 


The foundation of your brand has been set and now we build on it and let everyone know it’s happening. We find the right platforms, the right times, the right visual and the perfect words. And then, we elevate. We know what all the options are and put you in the right places. 


The truth is, you’re a problem solver and you’ve worked hard to meet the need of your ideal client. The lie is, you aren’t working hard enough to have the client base you want or need. Through public relations, we share your story, your products, your services, your problem-solving genius in a way that represents how trustworthy you are. We take your image and skill set and show people why you’re the most trustworthy one for the job. 


Research proves that between 70-80% of customers research a company before doing business with them which shows it’s imperative it is for a strong online presence (we are talking multiple social media platforms). Wherever your clients are showing up, you need to be in front of them). It’s in those places that relationships are built. Relationships lead to loyalty and what you are loyal to, you share with others. Social Media Marketing has changed everything, no longer is marketing one sided. Through apps like Twitter, Linked In, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, connecting with your client is now personal and done via two-sided, direct communication. 


Your ideal client has now heard about you, they’ve seen your online presence and now they’ll never forget you. We will design your website with your clear message, incredible visuals and unavoidable opportunities to further connection and make that ROI (return on investment). Your website will be user friendly and visually appealing. Communication building with your clients can be created in ways unique to, and most desired by, the client. They won’t feel neglected or unseen and you won’t see them “unsubscribing” from your e-mails or newsletters. SEO (search engine optimization) will increase your visibility.

If there is anything the digital marketing world has learned in the last two years, it’s that digital marketing, when done well, has proven to be more effective and resilient than any other form of marketing. Digital Marketing Institute has reported with the loss in revenue due to the pandemic, most businesses are reinvesting 90% of their profits into digital marketing.  Our job is to stay on top of the old trends, current trends and be working forwards so as they grow and change, you aren’t left behind. The world is fast moving and marketing is even more so. Our job is to ensure you remain at the top of your clients searches, showing up in their feeds and communicating with timeliness. 

Marketing isn’t going anywhere but it is changing. Thanks to Don Draper and Mad Men, marketing is seen as smart and sleek. Some may even say it can be sexy. Gone are the days of major print campaigns or radio spots are here to stay… well that’s up to you. Let us help you brand your business with clarity so that when a client sees what you offer, you convert a sale, not a question. Canyon Crest Creative is equipped and ready to step in, start working and give you results. Investing in digital marketing is investing in your future. Start building now for the business and clientele you want in five years. You’ll not regret this “yes”. 

We look forward to elevating you! 

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Jared Lauritsen

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